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Commercial Properties and Shops

Why Important

Commercial premises and shops have a long tradition of having their facades painted to draw attention to themselves and to advertise what they sold.

Shopfronts with first floor balconies (Hamilton Street)This tradition still continues today, but where it does happen, it is important that the harmony and unity of the whole façade, including such aspects as lettering and signage, is maintained.

Detailed advice and guidance on this aspect is available from the Wirral Council Planning Department. Needs to be provided

What to look for

Removable advert board on the pavementFor Basement commercial premises, advertising display needs approval. Removable on-street display boards may be acceptable where the existing pavement is wide enough for the removable display board.

When to look

How to fix

Re-painting For Modern Construction

For Commercial properties altered in the 20th Century, a different approach (QUESTION: different to what)is needed. However, only use masonry paint on the Shop Front, and not the rest of the period building. There are three main types of masonry paint available today.

  1. Water-borne ones use modern acrylic emulsions and are easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
  2. Solvent-borne ones use a synthetic rubber resin and last well, but release a lot of Volatile Organic Solvents (VOCs) when they dry, which contribute to atmospheric pollution. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. e.g. Pliolite ® resin paints VOCs – Volatile Organic Solvents, e.g. the Scottish Lime Centre, 01383 872 722 ,
  3. A third group are called ‘silicate’ paints and although not traditionally used in this country, have been used in Europe for over a century with good results.

Avoiding creating problems

Do not paint the upper façade above the ground floor Commercial Shop front. Get professional sign writer advice and Listed Planning Approval before restoring wall painted advertising.

Historical background

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