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Condensation (including Chimney Breast Dampness)

Why Important

Dampness from condensation usually affects the whole area of walls, ceiling and floor, unlike the patchiness of penetrating or rising damp, but can be confined to isolated pockets of cold, stagnant air (behind pictures, wardrobes, etc.)

What to look for

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface and is invariably accompanied by mould growth, which can form on any cold surface, including the contents of cupboards and wardrobes. The mould growth is visually coloured black.

There is also Chimney Breast Dampness.

When to look

How to fix

Much has been written on the subject of condensation, but in many cases the best remedy is natural ventilation with improved heating and thermal insulation.

However, the introduction of insulation may cause interstitial condensation unless a vapour barrier is included; this can be difficult in traditional construction. More information may be obtained from the Wirral Council.

Avoiding creating problems

Portable bottled gas and paraffin heaters produce enormous quantities of water vapour and are not recommended for use in rooms where condensation is likely to be a problem, particularly in basement rooms which are plastered on the hard.

Historical background

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