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Why Important

Increasingly, electric entryphone systems are being installed at the common entrance doors of flatted properties.

What to look for

When to look

How to fix

Where an entryphone is installed, care should be taken to choose and install a robust but unobtrusive system. If possible, it is best to fix the entryphone plate into the timber doorstop or facing.

Alternatively, the entryphone can be fixed into the stone jamb, care being taken to ensure that fixings and sinkings are kept well clear of the corner of stonework.

Bell pull and entryphone systems have recently been developed using flat or dished backplates of traditional pattern and a small speak/listen perforated brass plate fixed on the stone jamb, which is preferable to the combined push button plate. This permits the reuse of the original bell pulls suitably adapted to the system.

Flats can be identified by name in the customary manner or by relative positions in the stair.

Avoiding creating problems

Historical background

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