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How to Paint External Doors

Why Important

What to look for

These were usually painted a dark strong colour. For Hamilton Square the colour is [Black. Find BS standard] Whilst a full gloss finish is normal, lower sheen finishes can also be acceptable and look well with the correct brass door furniture.

When to look

Example of poor maintenance of a front door of a Grade 2 listed Georgian buildingThe condition of the front door is important not only for a safety reason, but also for the ethic and value of the period home. Poor appearance suggests more extensive restoration and maintenance problems with the whole building.

How to fix

This can be done either by taking a small sample for examination under a microscope or by carefully removing paint to reveal the underlying layers. This can often cast light on the history of the property and its occupants and can be valuable evidence if you want to recreate original colour schemes.

If you do wish to change the colour of your front door, you must obtain Planning permission from Wirral Council Planning Department.

Avoiding creating problems

When a dark colour is chosen it will get quite warm in summer especially if it is South or West facing. It is important that any preparation and filling of the wood is carried out carefully and correctly.

Using cheap plaster filler on wood will lead to the paint cracking and flaking in the heat.

Examples of inappropriate external door colours

In a Conservation area, the colours that can be used of exterior painting, especially front doors, are very limited. This is to ensure visual continuity

Historical background

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