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Pressed Brass Escutcheons

Why Important

Escutcheons were always used in Georgian period, except on very minor cupboard doors or where the keyhole was cut into the backplate of a door handle.

What to look for

An escutcheon plate is a flat piece of metal fitted round the keyhole in a door.

Main doors had cast brass oval escutcheons, sometimes with a top- hinged brass escutcheon cover. Important internal doors often had ornately shaped cast brass escutcheon plates, in a style and material to match the door knob.

Minor room and cupboard doors generally had simple oval sheet brass escutcheons fitted with brass pins, while cast iron oval escutcheons were fitted to external cellar and basement doors.

Escutcheon Plate is 1mm larger all round than cover and visible Escutcheons

When to look

How to fix

Ensure that the escutcheon fits properly. Finding the correct size can be difficult, and made need to be made separately.

Avoiding creating problems

Historical background

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